Hi, I am SAROJ.

Web Developer, Software Engineer, Lecturer, Blogger, Random Traveler, and Hobbyist Photographer from beautiful country Nepal.

I joined Kantipur City College for my Under-Graduate study in Computer Science in June 2003, and that was my first step on the highway of IT. I pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Application from there and since then I found this journey, the cool & wonderful one; I have been addicted on and happy to be the part of fastest growing computer technology and the Internet.

Saroj Pandey - sarojpandey.com.npCurrently, I am working at Kantipur City College, the same college from where I entered the fascinating IT path. Along with that, I love my work as a Web Developer which includes Web Programming & Designing.

Saroj Pandey - sarojpandey.com.npI enjoy watching Movies, watching Sports and listening to Music. Surfing Internet & Playing Games on my iDevices are other best things for me. I also love to read books, that could be of any category. Traveling & Photography are my best ways of enjoyment. My hobby also includes collecting classic stamps and collecting foreign currencies, they are cool and fascinating. My personal life is going this way and I am loving it.

I enjoy working in different platform and with different tools which mostly includes HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, CMSs, PHP, iOS, & Android. In case of a database, I mostly use MySQL, PostGRE SQL and Oracle. I am strong Open Source advocate and love to work in the OSS domain.

My public life is what this place contains; about myself, my works, photographs, travel diaries, cool blogs reflecting my aspects of day-to-day life. ‘I use a pseudonym CoolSky as an identity on my blog and some Internet places’.

Dream what you want, find happiness wherever life takes you, be able to make the world a better place; Its not necessary to think of large change in the society, but use the will you have and use your talents to somehow make others lives a little better. Love the people, Love your country & Love the world.

Saroj PandeyBalancing your mind & heart is really difficult when you get success on it, you will always be happy. Creativity is never big or small; just develop something amazing and all the world will love you.

One big thing to keep on your mind, NEVER GIVE UP! 

Success is falling nine times and getting up ten.