Little things for the Nation…

  1. I will never be a part of Nepal Banda since it will affect general public.
  2. I will never destroy public property since it is brought from our money.
  3. I will not complain, I rather do things on my own.
  4. I will not give bribe so that I can be the part in stopping corruption.
  5. I will not pull other’s leg so that even others will not pull my leg.
  6. I will follow rules and regulations so I can be a responsible citizen.
  7. I will not ask from my nation rather give what I can.
  8. I will save water when I can so the water scarcity will ease up.
  9. I will donate my old books so needy children get to study.
  10. I will not donate old clothes so people will not die due to cold waves.
  11. I will not litter in public places so our city becomes cleaner.
  12. I will volunteer.
  13. I will plant tree.
  14. I will promote Nepali products so that employment rate will go higher.