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Cyber laws, Ethics, and Policies of Nepal 

IT Policy and Cyber Law in Nepal[BCA 6th Semester, KCC]

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Projects as an Student

+ Matrix Operator – System developed in C to perform various mathematical calculations in Matrix [BCA 2ndSemester, 2004].– Multimedia Project developed with Flash and Photoshop about all the information of central zoo, Nepal [BCA 2nd Semester, 2004].

+ SangrilaNepal– HTML based static site focusing on tourism with complete information [Geography, Places, Culture, Photos etc.] of Nepal.

+ Digital Phone – A computer-based phone to perform various tasks as by telephone. Developed in Visual Basic and MS Access. [BCA 3rd Semester, 2005].

+ Golden Dawn – A 2D computer game framework developed with Visual Basic as a programming tool and Photoshop as a graphics tool. [BCA 5th & 6th Semester, 2006].

+ Flex Photo Viewer – A Digital Photo Viewing Web Application developed with Adobe Flex Builder that uses Flash Action Script and XML [2006].