This is not an #aprilfool…

‘Himalayas, Nepal’ is in the list of top 10 Stunning Ecotourism Destinations published by Huffington Post Travel… #WOW #NEPAL #MtEVEREST

The spectacular Himalayas comprise the highest mountains on earth and boast a surreal ecotourism destination of snow-covered peaks shadowed by a myriad of rich cultural and natural landscapes sure to leave a powerful impression. The Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, situated between India and China, offers some of the best access to these sublime mountain peaks, where landscapes vary from subtropical valleys (complete with banana trees) to alpine forests (home to grazing yaks). Rustic trail lodges give independent trekkers the option to hike and rest at their own pace; for a truly enriched experience, join one of the popular camping treks (ranging from 4 to 25 days in length), modeled after the first Nepalese mountaineering expeditions – you’ll share your mountain time with an entourage of guides, cooks, and porters. A hike to Mt. Everest’s basecamp, in Sagarmatha National Park, and Annapurna (the most popular due to accessibility) are two treks not to miss.

Source: HuffingtonPost Travel