What is there not enough of in our country??

Our generation is so lucky to see different political systems; from so called ‘Democratic System’ to Dictatorial Ruling of King and now ‘The Republic system’. Many unexpected events gave us hopes of being the citizen of a wealthy nation. We have faced drastic changes in last 3-4 years that we can’t even expect to happen in 100 years. Safe landing of the Maoist movement, Constitution assembly election, … are major among them.

But nowadays political situation of Nepal is worsening day by day. Poor decision making power of the leaders is clearly seen in last 2-3 months. The dirty game continues. 7th Prime Minister Election gone result less. Government less situation, no public security and hopeless peoples!!! What is lacking with us? Why this is happening??

Kindness and great leadership is great requirement of a leader which is missing with all. The leaders we have now I personally think are weak and make some really ridiculous decisions. And there is also not lot of kindness either, and so lots of elderly people now fear the young generations. Young generation doesn’t want to be in the country. Most are going abroad.

We are really lacking GOOD GOVERNMENT. I mean government must be FOR THE PEOPLE and BY THE PEOPLE. Many governing bodies throughout the nation are in it for THEMSELVES. They enjoy the Power and the Money, while their PEOPLE grow more poor and desperate.

Everyone these days that have problems seem to be able to blame someone else. Everyone that does a bad thing blames someone else. It’s the devil’s fault for evil. It’s your fault. It’s their fault. It’s never my fault. STOP blaming others, Take responsibility for your own actions. Neither of them accepts other.

Another thing there is not enough – FAITH. Many people do not believe each other. We’re all entitled to our beliefs but when so many people choose not to believe – it limits them to only what they can see, hear, feel or smell.

Here are some things that we are really missing. Let’s try to build these on us:

– Love and Acceptance
– Humility
– Tolerance, Compassion and Understanding.
– Individual thought free from duress or coercion.
– Intelligence
– Goodness
– Peaceful people
– Effort
– Education, Logic and common sense

What the world needs now is love! Sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little…

Come on everybody!!!