#KTM #CHITWAN #PKR – Tour Moments: Day I & II

Date: April 11 – April 14 2011.

Number of People: 29.

April 11, 2011

  • Started from Putalisadak, planned way to reach Sauraha was through Dakshinkali – Sisneri – Kulekhani – Hetaunda and then Sauraha.
  • Not enough fuel in Bus and almost all Fuel Centers were closed.
  • Searching for fuel took more than a hour, searched in different places (Balkhu, Kirtipur, Kalanki). Which made us to think about changing the tour route (Kalanki – Mugling – Narayanghat – Sauraha).
  • Luckily at the end of Kalanki Station we got the fuel and again returned to previous Dakshinkali – Sisneri … way because it was still the short way.
  • The way was under maintenance in several place so we needed to move through the river trail which wasn’t the actual way.
  • After crossing Bhimphedi (Near Hetaunda) there was an accident; a Vehicle (Tata Mobile) hit the bike and person riding bike was killed. Situation was tensed. Local peoples were trying to fire the Vehicle and Police were trying to stop them.
  • It was almost night and no symptoms of opening the way.
  • iSaroz
    Hetaunda-Bhimphedi Road still close. Tear gas all over, Air Fireing & Dhunga Muda is making situation more tensed. Still inside the bus…:(
    4/11/11 7:55 PM

  • iSaroz
    2 hrs of Strike… Then ~2 hrs of drive… Finally arrived at Sauraha… …
    4/11/11 9:32 PM

  • So hard day first day of travel & still hard to sleep to because it was too warm.

April 12, 2011

  • Early Morning wake up, photo session, breakfast and moved to elephant breeding centre. Some guys were out for elephant ride.
  • We had good time at elephant breeding centre. Weather was also cool.
  • Returned to the hotel at around 11:00 had lunch and moved towards the Rapti river. It was just few mins far from the hotel.
  • It was sooo hot that we were not able to stay for more than 5 mins.
  • Then we headed towards our new destination which is BeshiSahar, District Capital of Lamjung District. Trail was to the down.
  • As we crossed Mugling bridge, a bus which was coming from KTM hit our bus and made little damage in the right corner of the back and it started moving so fast.
  • We called to the traffic control room and asked to stop the bus. The bus was stopped at Dumre. After some discussion they agreed for the maintenance at Pokhara. So our plan to go the Lamjung was canceled and we started heading towards Pokhara.
  • Hailstones and heavy rain on the way to Pokhara. It was windy too and due to that a tree was broken down blocking the highway. The blockage continued nearly half an hour.
  • Temperature went down. It was too cold.
  • Local people cut the tree to clear the way and they made it to one way. Thanks All!
  • After all those dramas on the way there was no other wrong till we reach the DamSide where we booked the hotel.
  • We kept the bag-pack and went out for some food as we were too hungry. It was good evening hangout.
  • My throat was paining a little and it was increasing. I wasn’t even recognizing my voice.
  • Everything was happening there but I was feeling like unknown on what actually is happening.
  • [ . . . ] [ . . . ] [ . . . ]
  • At around 10 PM we had dinner together, I gargled with salty hot water, best medicine for throat.
  • Finally it was time to rest. I was watching TV staying on bed and don’t knew when I slept.