Success on Marriage

Few are do not know that marriage requires continuous adjustments of both husband and wife. The moment a partner refuses to adjust, then the marriage is failure. Success in marriage depends upon the efforts and sacrifices of the couple in their day relationship. The success of a married life is measured in terms of the following:

1. Commitment- When there is commitment then the marriage will surely last. Commitment will eventually erase all doubts and conflicts of both the husband and wife.

2. Satisfaction and happiness of all the members- these are the results of cooperation, understanding and love for one another.

3. Social expectation of the community and society- the kind of family that a successful marriage produces contributes to ab successful community and society as a whole. They serve as models for other families to emulate.

4. Personal and social development of husband and wife- The responsibilities of both husband and wife does not end in the performance of their duties at home but also developing and improving themselves personally and socially.

5. meeting family needs- meeting the needs of the family is a tested formula for happy married life. Both husband and wife must strive to meet the physical, social, emotional and other needs of the family.

6. Respect and understanding of each other- when couple show respect and understanding to each other, the atmosphere permeates the entire family.

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