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I’ve been continually surprised over the years about the importance of web presence as a medium for disseminating their work. In education sector that presence plays vital role and it need to provide comprehensive information on everything you want to know. ‘’ is the official page of Purbanchal University, Nepal. It is situated in Biratnagar, the eastern part of Nepal.

I was confused! where to start from?

Logo & the Header captured my attention when I first entered the site, unclear low quality Logo, hard to understand & unmatched color used in header. That attention was totally negative. The menu just below the header was not in the position. That was the total negligence. The Menu seems odd because it is not aligned well. I was a bit confused with the sub-menus within each categories, spacing between menu items was not proper. There is no difference between normal text and linked text. It would be easier to read by adding simple bullets or graphics before menu items. The navigation is frustrating. No care is taken not to clutter the pages with too much contents. The page size differs page to page.

This site doesn’t show the professionalism of the developer but he is proud to keep his name in the site [Website designed and maintained by Barun Khanal, Sorry nothing personal with him.]. This is a worst example of a academic site. Every contents are out of date but ‘Last updated:’ is always current date. Web developer must get rewarded.


Its 2066 BS (2010) now but the academic calendar of 2058 (Actually 2001 but 2008 written) not published yet, Why you are hiding your academic calendar from years? If you don’t want to publish why to keep that link?

Result page always display same result (Not Published Yet), no matter the input:

Overall the website is not well structured, consistent and precisely presented. I hope this site will be redesigned soon.

A letter to the developer…

Sub: Regarding the Award to

We appreciate your work for the good publicity of our best of the best university through the WWW. We have gone through the website and found all content up to date. Thanks for using different colors, its good because we have 32 millions colors in our system and you have not even used 1% of it. So among the thousands of the university sites your creation got the award of best website of year. So we request you to attend the award ceremony on the following date & Venue.

Date: Sep 12. 1985
Venue: PU Bhoot Bangala, Goathgaun.