Our nation will live as long as the sun and the moon!

‘The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people!’ Napoleon’s thought of 18th Century match with the condition of 21st century of Nepal. The silence of the majority of good people in the country is making the government and its working bodies corrupt, useless and insensitive. If the scenario continues for long period, every principles of democracy will be broken as we are already getting some clues after the demise of the Constitution Assembly. Nepal mourned the demise of CA on 28th May 2012 and decades long wish to promulgate the constitution through CA faded away. The very next day was the Country’s 5th Republic Day as 240 years monarchy was abolished by the same CA in its first session in the evening of May 28 2008.

Politics as Greek meaning says ‘of, for & to the citizens’. It is well-accepted activities through which the elected group of person makes, preserve and amend the general rules. It is an essential social activity and can’t be separated from the general public. People might say they are not interested in politics but they will be involving in different political activities indirectly. Any activity whether it is in support or in oppose to political party, support or oppose a candidate during election (casting votes) or being a candidate in an election all are political activities. People who are not directly involving in politics sometimes refer politics as a dirty game. They say it’s dirty because it’s full of dirty deeds. No system is dirty on itself, but it’s up to the people who involve on it. A good human being will never think of damaging the system. More than 90% of today’s Nepalese leaders are politically illiterate that’s why they can’t make good decisions. Their Bribery and greediness is pushing whole nation to the darkness. Politicians nowadays place themselves more important than their countries or the citizens; only thing they want is the power and money. In the election time too, candidate rather be happy to show the dirt of their opponent candidates than showing their own good points. Nepalese politics is badly affected with all above-mentioned issues, that’s why almost all Nepalese refer politics to ‘a dirty game’. In political system with multiparty democracy there will be existence of diversity of ideas and policies among different political parties and that’s the main reason behind the conflict. When the politics goes beyond the principles, conflict & violence increases making the scenario even worst. It doesn’t only lead the nation to instability; it also proves politics as the dirtiest game.

As I mentioned earlier 90% of the leaders don’t know the alphabets of politics, they are not even completely aware of their party policies. They run for election only because they desire the position, an individual position. Their ultimate desire is to seek power, to do so they will not feel any difficulty ruining the means and values of humanity. And Nepalese are also so honest to them, we burn tires, we support them for the strike, we break private as well as public properties, we go to colleges but who cares about the study! We just enjoy and celebrate Banda as our culture, a National Festival. We are such a kind people in the world that whatever the politicians say, we just believe and cast our vote. We forgive everyone so easily. We have bad leaders just because we are bad people. People who can give their opinion are silent and others follow those illiterate politicians blindly. By all means our politics is being dirty, no rules to govern. It’s being a free kickboxing. Anybody can kick anyone, punch anyone and sorry to say but if your party is in power you can even kill anyone. Your supportive government will pardon you, because it’s a game, a rule less game. So I like to request all Nepalese to be sincere to them and act accordingly, we have seen different leaders, different parties but they are never ours and won’t be either.

It’s time to get up, wake up from the dream. We dream of beautiful Nepal but it will not help; today is the day to protest against the fake. We are the people of 21st Century, we know the world, and we are equipped with technologies. We got the guts to save our nation against all dirty activities. No matter where we live, no matter which caste we belongs to, no matter the ethnicity. We can create unity with the diversity. We can spread the friendship among all. Let’s not be on illusion. Raise your strong voice for justice against those politicians who are not helping the nation to grow up. Be wise while selecting leaders, act and speak with your mind. Tell them they are fake, they are just idiots! Truth will always win.

We are high like the Everest, Our Honor and Dignity will never let us to be down. We are brave Nepalese; we don’t need anyone’s reward to serve the nation. Nepal is not named by any political parties; so we don’t need to walk on the dirty path they are creating.

Lets start building new & beautiful way, where all Nepalese can walk without fear and we will proudly say, ‘Our nation NEPAL will live as long as the sun and the moon’.

Jay Nepal.