On the trail : Lets get LOST… #Shivapuri #NANGKYI #BAGHDWAR

Having a wish to get lost from crazy Katmandu, we four — Prachesh A., Rabi S., Ramesh P. and myself started our hiking to the wilderness of Shivapuri to reach Baghdwar.

We were at Putalisadak. All of a sudden our mind striked to hike towards Baghdwar. Four of us were in two motorbikes. The acceleration began at around 1 PM. And then the fond of accidental travelling began. Short shopping of the junk foods, chocolates, water etc. were done in BudhanilKantha.

 ShivaPuri Gate - sarojpandey - sarojpandey.com.npHike routes to Baghdwar is inside the Shiva Puri National Park via NANG-KYI Gumba (Meaning: the place where the God lives) which is nearly an hour of drive from the entrance gate of the national park. NANG-KYI Gumba and Baghdwar are connected through the 6 KM foot trail, which we were going to cross.

The Bagmati river is the principle river of Bagmati basin in central Nepal. The river originates at Baghdwar (Bagh: Tiger, Dwar: Door) just below the summit of Shivapuri peak which lies in the northern part of Katmandu valley at the elevation of 2630m above the sea level and is fed by springs and monsoon rainfall and a number of tributaries (Bishnumati, Rudramati, Icchumati, Manohara, Nakku, Hanumante, Karmanasa, Dhobikhola, Tukuche, Manumati and Godavari) as it flows down the Katmandu valley and passes through the valley at Chovar. The river crosses Chovar George on the south of the valley to flow out of the Katmandu valley to reach Terai and finally merges with the river Ganga in India.

Escaping the crowd and dust of the city, It took little more than an hour to reach the entrance gate of the national park. There was an army check-point along with the ticket counter. We took two 15 Rupees tickets for the bikers and Two 10 Rupees tickets for the pillions. Our plan was to go on bike till Nangki Gumba which was connected with the motorable road. After completing all formalities, ~Bhroom~Bhroom~ started again.

Message Board - Shivapuri NP - sarojpandey.com.np

As we were taking height, Katmandu valley was looking deeper and deeper and its buildings were smaller and smaller. I suppose our lungs were having the party as they were getting the best O2. Those moments were just relaxing. Just in a few hours distance from the city we found a heaven.

Sun was shining with its full power but the trees on the trail were ready to shade us. We stopped very near to the Gumba and shoot some photos randomly.

Hikers - sarojpandey.com.np
Its bad to be the Photographer… 😉
Katmandu Valley - sarojpandey.com.np
Kathmandu, City of the DUST.

After just a small break we continued ascending towards the NANG-KYI Gumba which was about 5 to 10 mins far.

Prayers Flags in the Monastery premises
Prayers Flags in the Monastery premises

We reached the Monastery area. Parked our motorbikes and followed the foot trail. After few minutes of upward steps we touched NANG-KYI. Waving flags… Prayers Flags and Surroundings were awesome place to be in.

After very short rest there, we began walking forward. Our short adventure began through the heart touching natural beauty of the National Park. The trail was most thrilling, stepped & rough. We were continually gaining height in each foot steps. The jungle onward was truly a wild one : Thick bushes, Gigantic trees, Fallen logs with beautiful sound around. We were lucky not to encounter any wildlife ;).

Jungle trail - sarojpandey.com.npAfter around an hour of walk, the trail started to look normal and petty easy. The dead leaves on the trail were making crazy sound when walking over it.

Country Roads, take me home... To the place I belong...
Country Roads, take me home… To the place I belong…

Hiking Upward - sarojpandey.com.npThe uphill climb from the Naagi Gumba stopped only after reaching Baghdwar.

Here we come...
Here we come…
Aum Namah Shivaya...
Aum Namah Shivaya…
God is Everywhere...
God is Everywhere… I wish for his care.

As we reached Baghdwar, we washed our faces with the freezing water. The water was too cold and too clean ;). All tiredness were already out of us.

The pleasant sounds of running water and chirping birds gave us heavenly feeling. We took some photos for our memory – as that was the best moment of everybody’s life.

We wished for same clean Bagmati in our city too but very sad reality that urbanisation ruined everything :(.

We got wings to fly... Oh Yeah! We are alive...
We got wings to fly… Oh Yeah! We are alive…
Tap made up of brass bearing a mask of tiger flanked by two other stone taps.
Tap made up of brass bearing a mask of tiger flanked by two other stone taps.
Baghdwar – tap made up of brass bearing a mask of tiger.
Yo Man! Its Meah!
Yo Man! Its Meah!

Baghdwar Full- sarojpandey.com.np

After spending about half an hour we moved ahead on the down trail back. We decided to have some foods (WaiWai, Lays, Cookies, Coke) while descending in the forest trail. Eating while walking gave us time to relax in NANG-KYI Gumba.

Some parts of Rhododendron - National Flower of Nepal.
Some parts of Rhododendron – National Flower of Nepal.

Time was running. Our part of the earth was getting the final touch of the sunlight and darkness was slowly covering the forest trail.

Setting Sun - sarojpandey.com.np

We reached NANG-KYI at around 5:45 PM, sunset was about to happen. Sun was playing Hide & Seek with few patterned clouds.

Hide n Seek - sarojpandey.com.np
Sun playing hide and seek with the clouds above and bringing a smile down to Earth…

Cricket is popularIn a traveller’s point of view NANG-KYI Gumba and its natural surrounding is the bliss of astounding natural rejuvenation that searches excitement as well as calmness. Once you get there you will feel peace, patience, and calmness.

We spent around 30 mins of beautiful time there – resting, photography and watching sunset.

The inside of the Monastery was not open; so we missed the inside view. Young monks were enjoying the beautiful game of Cricket in the premises; World Cup Fever I Suppose :).

The other thing we missed was the view of the Kathmandu Valley which was due to the dusty layer present above the city.

Sunset an prayers flag - sarojpandey.com.np Hiding Sun - sarojpandey.com.np

NANG-KYI Monastery
NANG-KYI Monastery

Coke n' Snikers Rest - sarojpandey.com.np

Stick Smoking with Sun Light is not injurious to Health.
Stick Smoking with Sun Light is not injurious to Health.
The Hungry PacMan ;)
The Hungry PacMan 😉

 Darkness was ready to show its power, the adventure here was almost over now, and that made me rather sad. Anyway, that was everything I could have hoped for. I wanted to escape from everything and was successful with that at least for that day. It was the perfect destination for short period.

We came to the place where motorbikes were parked and began the down trail. We were slowly leaving the Beautiful Nature to enter the concrete jungle. At around half an hour we were out from the National Park Entrance.

BudhanilkanthaWe visited Budhanilkantha temple which was on the way back. Budhanilkantha literally means “Old Blue Throat”. It is a deity of Lord Vishnu; Lord Vishnu is also known as Narayan. The Temple is located at the base of Shivapuri Hill within the Kathmandu valley on the northern side. I may have visited the temple in my childhood which I don’t have in memory. Anyway I called it my first visit.

We had nothing left for that day, no words to describe the end. Only bad thing that happened – Ramesh lost his Cell Phone, can’t figured out which area and phone was already switched off. 

We moved on from the temple towards home – the sweet home.

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves, and we travel, next, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes. And we travel, in essence, to become young fools again—to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more.” #PicoIyer

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