New Year @ Champadevi

Members: Bikash, Rabin, Saroj, Shashi & Shiba


Chaitra 31, 2063, we had a nice picnic on Godawari from Kantipur City College. That was a blasting end of the year 2063 BS & enjoyments were still remaining. After the picnic we went to Kirtipur (Shashi’s Home) & enjoyed the New Year Eve with Wine & Champagne.

Our next day plan was to visit Champadevi, the second highest hill of Kathmandu valley, after Pholchowki. We began the hike early morning. Most thrilling, Stepped & rough, I ever had. We experienced a great team work. We were helping each-other, pulling and pushing. Though it was one of the short hardest hike, and every one with empty stomach, we were not complaining.

We traveled whole way (Around 2 hrs.) without having anything, brave us. After two hours stiff walk, we reached the top, we enjoyed so much. We took one of the longest breaths of relief. There exists temple (Champadevi Temple) at the top of the hill. Though we find very pleasant environment, one thing disappointed us, ‘POLLUTION’.
Why we Nepalese are so undisciplined? Rubbish all around the temple! So disgusting!… Seems, we worship god just to show others. People don’t even keep the temple clean… 🙁 & How can we expect the clean city???

After that good and rough trip finally we had food, some local foods & Dry foods on the top of the hill. The experience was really amazing. View of Kathmandu was really nice from there. After having food we returned to Kirtipur following good trail. We prepared lunch at Shashi’s place & it was nice. Then we returned to own places. It was a wonderful New YEAR 2064 BS.