My 2.5 years of love affair and it continues…

My iPhone 3GS - iSaroz

I was not actually fan of Apple till I was Bachelor level student. There was defined reason for that. While studying basics of computer hardware, operating systems and other softwares, my teacher used to say that ‘Companies like Apple and IBM produce computer hardware and softwares that fits only their equipment, they are not device independent. You need Apple’s software to work with their hardware and same case for IBM too.’ And opposite to that, Microsoft’s OS was not dependent to the Hardware, so that we can assemble a PC with different parts from different companies which made it much cheaper, then who cares of Apple? 😉

After few years I got chance to listen to songs from a small singer called iPods, Hmm… Design was cool and what I love most was Click Wheel and the Sound Quality… That was my first crush with Apple… At that time I was known with the name ‘Steve Jobs’ but unaware of his details. After few days while I was searching some motivating stories on the Internet, I found Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech of 2005 and read it top to bottom. It was totally AWESOME! After that you can guess what I did, I searched for everything linked with that name and read it completely. He came in my list of inspirational people and in my favorite site list.

Whether its Apple from Jumla and Mustang or Apple from Cupertino… both are AWESOME …

I can remember the day when first revolutionary phone called iPhone (2G) was released (June 29 2007) with multiple slogans “This is only the beginning.” … “Touching is believing.” … “Apple reinvents the phone.” … “Say Hello to iPhone.”. Don’t know why I wasn’t interested to have that product, may be due to unavailability in my country and no other ways to get it. After a year The first phone to beat the iPhone was released name iPhone 3G. After a year of release I asked my friend’s friend to get it for me who was going to USA for his personal purpose but he came back BLANK saying queue in Apple Store were so long that he couldn’t manage enough time to be there. 🙁 During the wait for 3G, Apple released new version of the same 3GS in June 2009. With lots of drama in between, I got my iPhone 3Gs in June 2010. (I can’t remember exact day). After that I became iSaroz. and I replaced my cute phone, Philips 535 (It’s working well these days too).

With the launch of the iPhone 5, one of my best friend is being retired: the #iPhone3GS

During the past 2 and half years, I have been an owner and user of the Apple’s third-generation iPhone. It became the Race Track & Parking for some Fast Cars… Football Grounds… Nest for Angry Bird… Best location for Snipers… Home for Cute Talking Tom… Dustbin for Paper Toss… Striking birds to travel the world… Tweet Bird for some Social interaction… Runner and Coin Collector in the Temple… Books for my Study… Music… Movies and many many beautiful stuffs… and most importantly a good friend.

I watched as the company introduced the sleek iPhone 4, after that 4S. With those models I decided not to replace mine. The curvy design of iPhone 3GS is nice which I always loved. I had the crush but just couldn’t fall in love with the flatness of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

iOS is not yet reason to replace iPhone 3GS because it supports iOS3 to iOS4 to iOS 5 and now iOS6 too.


  • Apple is brilliant with hardware and software designs of its smartphones. Only #Apple could create such amazing hardware, software, and services… You never get over shadowed next day or in less time with iPhone but you know the case of another phones. After years of release too I can easily get latest OSs (iOS 4, 5, 6) and update your phone in less effort. Is this possible in other phones? Huh! You need to get new phone for new software. Crazy, Right?
  • Supports 3G Network 🙂
  • OMG! they are 50% faster than previous and more amount of usable memory…
  • Compass and Maps are awesome…
  • I can use every applications without any burden, ton of applications, multi-tasking, and even after years, battery doesn’t even drain… never had any battery life issues…
  • Video recording capabilities with the swipe of a finger.
  • Durable… dropped many times. Fortunately, the screen and the back are intact. Lucky me? 🙂

-Haven’t Liked

  • Sometimes Apps which needs Internet load in a snail’s pace… take forever to load and finally crash.
  • Voice Control goes crazy with people’s voice… :p
  • Speakers aren’t very good. Never think of listening to songs without headphones in iPhone3Gs.
  • The iPhone 3GS’ camera isn’t very good… The camera is horrid. There were lots of moments when I wanted to capture but ended with frustration. Hello Apple, I am Serious and Honest ‘Camera is Bad’.
  • Screen resolution Low… Need to convert HQ videos to watch from iPhone… Quite irritating Right?
  • Comparing to phone of these days with 720p/1080p Resolution… Apps don’t look good… colors and text are not smooth… Quite bad with unicode fonts…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Just a day ago, I watched as the Apple introduced the thinest, lightest and fastest iPhone named iPhone5 with iOS6 and brilliant other features like aluminum body – the slate and black model looks nice :), Bigger Screen(4″), LTE Technology, Good Camera with low-light performance and has a panorama mode, Maps and Passbook etc. Umm… I will now think to overcome those haven’t liked things.