Irregular Update

Yes! It happens… It happens to all blogs. Mine, yours and everyone’s…. The main reason we stop writing is because of wondering which topic to focus on. What to write? Or other reason can be not being able to manage time. A writer’s block usually results from not being able to write: the indecision of not knowing what to write or how to proceed. There can be other reasons, besides a writer’s block, for one to stop writing. Many times, we do know what to write and we keep writing small bits and pieces in our heads. The thing that makes us think more than actually write is the single big question: should I address all the questions I have about these topics before I start writing?

Is this a good piece of writing? Is this a good topic? Will this specific piece of writing interest others? Does it interest you and me? Should we focus on the topic that the neighbor would like, or should we focus on the topic that someone online would prefer? Should we simply take some time off and focus on thinking more about the topics that are coming to our minds?
Those are the reasons behind irregular blog update … 🙂