Important Tips to Design your Site

A website is an online platform to promote your business and services. So your site needs to be eye catchy and attractive enough to make the online visitors stop by to browse through your site. A visitor hardly stays on a website for less than 5 seconds or so. So a web designer has to be careful enough to turn the first impression of the site into a good one.

Here are some useful tips for website design that you can follow to make your website a successful one –

* Simplicity: The look and feel of your website should be simple yet professional. It should be able to present the nature of the company through its appearance. Good quality content should be added to the site so that readers are benefited from your site.
* Site Navigation: Viewers prefer a user friendly site. Make sure to use easy navigational processes. The readers should not have any trouble in browsing through the site and follow links to other pages.
* Managing Content: As a site visitor does not stay on a site for more than 5 seconds or so, you have to present the important aspect of your site/company in a way so that first time viewers can read it at a glance. It is better to introduce your company/service and their benefits on the home page of the site so that the visitors come to know about them as soon as they open the site.
* Color: The color of the website layout has to be chosen wisely. Will you choose a vibrant color; an eye soothing color or bright or light shades of color partly depends on the theme of your site.
* Test across Browsers: To ensure that your website is functioning properly it is better to test it across the popular browsers. It is very important to know that a site is correctly displayed to the maximum number of users.