Day 1 : Gosainkunda Trek – 5 Days – Sat June 9, 2007 to Wed June 13, 2007

Bikash Banskota, Rabin Lamichhane, Saroj Pandey, Rajesh Manandhar & Shashi Shekhar Gautam

Sat June 9, 2007 2:00 PM – Kathmandu

We finished all shopping, packing and be ready for the trek. Actual trek was from Sundarijal (1300 m), so we needed to get there first. It took nearly an hour to reach there by taxi. At around 3:00 PM our adventure began through the heart touching natural beauty of Shiva Puri National Park.

Our plan was to stay in Chisapani (2194 m) for that day. It was 3 hrs far from Sundarijal to the fast walkers. So we need to be little faster. The trek through the Nepal’s countryside in the curvy road is really a great adventure and the beautiful nature and fresh air don’t let us to be tired.

The trail went up and down, but was not too difficult. We passed through quite a few small villages, villagers were working in there fields. We walked & walked …   few rest & great walk in the beautiful road – sometimes slip through the big forest.

It was 7:00 PM; we finally reached Chisapani – very wonderful place surrounded by beautiful nature. It has wonderful nature – height was not much but environment was too cold … cold air passes through all the time. We weren’t too tired but we were too hungry, we were glad of a short, relatively easy day to start out.

We booked the hotel there – and be fresh. We hung all the clothes in room but they didn’t really have the environment to dry because it was too cold. We spend time till dinner chatting with the peoples in the hotel. Then, at around 8:30 PM we had wonderful Nepali food.

After dinner, friends enjoyed the night cold with the sip of wine.

After that, the only thing left for that day – Sleep. It was 10:00 PM and everyone were dreaming.