Exploring Eastern Nepal #Photos #PLog #Biratnagar #Dharan #Dhankuta

We left for Biratnagar traveling in some portion of Mechi Highway then East West Highway and began further tour.

Birtamode to Biratnagar*
Waiting for some food in the fresh mood as we met Prachesh Daju 😉 in Biratnagar. Biratnagar seemed dirtiest at that time. Dust was covering the city.
Anyway, we were happy as the order arrived; we had ‘wefie’ before having it…
We stayed in ‘his‘ home that day and got ready early next day to move towards Dharan.
Dharan Clock Tower – It was a good ride except for few places. From there we were leaving the plain and gaining some altitude till Bhendetar, one of the popular hill stations of eastern Nepal.
Dharan City seen from the way to Bhedetar. It was nice sunny day.
Dharan to Bhedetar – The winding highway. Beautiful, right?
The swing! Dashain is not yet over. ~8 KM downward from Bhedetar there exist Namaste Falls, which is ~80 m high waterfall and is the place of attraction for domestic tourists.
The jungle trail to Namaste falls. It took us around 20 mins to reach.
You need to cross a small river and keep going upward.
Here it comes! Due to high force of the falling water you get wet in just few moments; difficult to photograph too. Despite the freezing water, everybody were enjoying.
Small portion of waterfall as it looses the power.
Busy Camera : Taking long exposure shots of main waterfall was almost impossible with available equipments so I tried the same in easy parts ;).
The water looses power and slowly moves towards Tamor River, long way to get there though ;).
Getting back from the waterfall after having some wonderful and cool time.
Beautiful nature walk with chirping birds around…
The Guerrilla equipped with SLR. He first frame you, then shoot you and hang on the wall. Scared? Please don’t.
Tamor Bridge, Mulghat, Dhankuta. Total span of the bridge is 200m. This place is popular in season for mango and Sugarcane as well as fish from Tamor River.
The Tamor (Tambar or Tammar) River is major river in eastern Nepal that begins around Kanchenjunga. The Tamor and the Arun join the Sun Kosi at Tribenighat to form the giant Saptakoshi which flows through Mahabharat Range.
Part of Dharan – Dhankuta Highway : One of the best highway of Nepal. This road project was started in 1973 in support from UK Government and taken over by Nepal Government, Department of Road in 2002.
This is Hile! A hill town located in the Eastern Region of Nepal, ~13 KM north of the regional center of Dhankuta. Hile is a starting point for trekkers making trips to Kanchenjunga or Makalu. Statue of Tongba is what makes Hile easily recognizable.
Statue of Tongba in Hile – Tongba तोङवा is a millet-based alcoholic beverage found in the eastern mountainous region of Nepal and the neighboring Darjeeling and Sikkim. It is the traditional and indigenous drink of the Limbu people. Offering Tongba is respect to a guest in Limbu culture. As soon as you enter Hile, you get respect at the crossroads. 😉
Just roaming around Hile Bazar in the early morning.
Selfie with Tongba 😉
Time to get back! Just shooting Dhankuta bazaar from the next side.
~ Beautiful greenery around ~ The serene greenery and hum of birds were magical to make you feel awesome.
Tamor Bridge at Mulghat – This is the best place to spend a day watching the raging Tamor river from the banks.
Bridge, River, Trees – The beautiful surroundings!
~ Posing in the sturdy bridge. ~
Okay, Mulghat offers you fishes too, if you are fish fan … 😉
Bhedetar – We arrived in halfway between Dharan and Dhankuta. Statue of freedom fighter – Iman Singh Chemjong is in the roundabout . Bhedetar is named after the Bheda (sheep) that used to graze in the tar (plains). As you go up the Charles View Tower located a little further from the bus stop, you can have the view of beautiful landscapes including mountains such as Makalu, Kumbhakarna and Kanchenjunga and serpentine roads.
Budha Subba Temple Premises – A Place for Pilgrimage and True Love. Budha Subba is an ancient Kiranti shrine on the Bijaypur hill in Dharan. Visitors could tie sacred threads on the fence of bamboo forest.
The interesting thing related to the area is that the bamboo trees in Bijaypur hill do not have a tip and also, not a single crow could be found in the area.

There are many legends surrounding this temple. According to one legend, a Kiranti hunter Budha Subba and his sister Subbini used to play and hunt on the hill with a slingshot. One day, they accidentally hit the tip of a bamboo tree instead of a crow they were aiming for. From that day, the tip of the bamboo tree never grew back. Hence, Budha Subba gave up hunting, buried his slingshot and started meditation. It is the same spot where the temple stands today and the small mound of mud is believed to be the spot where he meditated. According to this legend, the temple got its name from the hunter.


Danta Kali temple premises – This temple is situated very near to the Budha Subba temple. According to the myth, a tooth of the deceased wife (Sati Devi) of Lord Shiva fell off on this spot while Shiva was outrageously traveling on the earth carrying his dead wife. So, this temple was established here in commemoration of the Lord Shiva’s wife. The holy book of Swasthani Brata Katha has stated this and given the name Dantakali as one of the forms of goddess Durga. The tooth of Sati Devi is still believed to be preserved in the temple and it is also said that the tooth very much looks like a human idol.
The painting in the wall of Danta Kali Temple maybe depicting the goddess.
Waiting in Biratnagar Airport – After completing the eastern tour, ready to fly to the capital.
The Diamond Water – MRP is 25 but they sometimes add ‘1’ in the front and sometimes add ‘0’ in the back. Oh! do we have government?
Lets not worry about water much. Something to become happy – It arrived on scheduled time.
All set for the ~25 minutes flight to Kathmandu.
Gaining the altitude over the green plain.
The bending river, green hills and floating clouds.
Beautiful landscape including majestic Himalayas below the Buddha Air ATR engine.
The thrilling moment of getting beautiful view of the hill, villages and green fields.
~ About to enter to the Capital ~
Hills and Fields around the capital…
Rounding the urban agglomeration of the capital city before approach to Runway 02.
Touched the ground, we waited till the passengers from the back seats get off from the aircraft.
In no time seats were empty 😉 maybe people were in hurry …
Welcome to Kathmandu! Back after happy trip…

Thank You.

See you after the next trip.