Do you have motivation?

Determine whether you really want to succeed in your career. If you are serious in your career goals, then you will do whatever takes, within ethical limits, to succeed.

Some people want a promotion, but they are not willing to put in the effort to train themselves; show that they can perform; be there for the company, the team, and their bosses when they are most needed; or prove that they can be team players and work well with others. Some are not willing to read a book to sharpen their thinking. Some are not willing to leave their houses a little earlier to make sure they are on time at the office all the time. Some might even be subconsciously afraid of the added responsibility that a promotion will bring.

In these cases, your wish for a promotion will not be granted. On the other hand, if you really desire a promotion, then, bring dirty tricks, you will do everything to deserve the promotion. Then, promotion becomes a “gift” which your employer will willingly give you and not a “right” that must be demanded.