Dear frens, !IMP

Dear frens,

It’s with great regret that I’m writing to all of you. I have done many mistakes in my life. I am really unhappy with all those. I have hurt the heart which loves me. I want to avoid those scenes now onwards. I know this is really cool place but I want to run away from this place; completely closing it. Don’t know whether you like this decision or not but I really need to do it.

This was the beautiful place for me to share everything about my life; from tour dairies to many funny stuffs. I will miss it very much. Just hope some day, I’ll come back to this place again.

Before living, I want to say just one thing that, none of the things I stated above are true! I’m in festive vacation; It’s more then 1 month. It’s difficult to spend long vacations here at Katmandu. Oh! God! eXam is so near. But don’t worry if you also have because there are many worst things in life than the eXam results.

Call me if you want to talk to me…

‘Vijaya-Dashami’ great Hindu festival is almost to the mid… lets wish for best festive period… No animal sacrifice please! They are not demon & Goddess Durga is not bloodthirsty…

Love you all … 🙂