Day 5: The Final Day to Kathmandu

We were woken at the usual 6 AM then washed our face. We sipped our tea and packed up our bags. we ate our breakfast at the hotel room . We had delicious toasted Bread with cheese and Fruit Jam and more tea.

Bus to Kathmandu was ready. Every seats were already booked; we could manage only 2 ticket to Shashi and Rajesh. Three of us decided to stay at the top. Amazingly we left the hotel on time, at 7:30 AM. There were more than 60 peoples in the bus. The drive through the Nepal countryside is full of excitement and adventurous. The curvy road was bending like the river.

Unfortunately, after nearly 1 hr. of drive, a mechanical problem occurred in the bus because the road was not so good. The Bus staff called the mechanics to solve the problem and we had to wait for more than two hours. The beautiful nature was clear around. But it was difficult to pass the time on the road, so Bikash and I went for some distance ahead for just the photo session… because we had nothing to do except roaming around…

At around 11 AM the Bus was ready, our journey began again. We had our lunch at around 1 PM. The road was still sticky & we were still at the top. Meanwhile the heavy rainfall troubled us. After few minutes the bus staff managed a tent & we were safe with that rain. After nearly 30 minutes of rain, the environment became clear and beautiful which made our journey more wonderful. We reached Kathmandu at 7:00 PM passing the beautiful places Kakani, then Tapoban. We had exciting & adventurous experience in those 5 days, Everyone were happy.

Extremely Happy!!!