Day 4 – Mon June 12, 2007: near to the destination Gosainkunda (4381m)

We all woke up in a usual time of 6:30, and we packed up and went inside for breakfast. Our main destination (Gosainkunda) was nearly 3 to 4 hrs far. We were ready for the last adventure. Our trail was now to the up. The trek up to the Lauri Binayak(4610 m) was harder. Rabin, Bikash and me took the lead, with Shashi and Rajesh close behind. The trail was like the graveled road, hard to cross, we had great time crossing.

The trail was covered with poisonous grass and we were having little difficulties in breathing, taking rest in such place was much harmful so we continued our walk. We had some milky chocolates and cateberies to boost the energy. After 3 hrs. Of continuous walk we finally reached Lauri Binayak (4610 m). We all were safe with that poisonous grass. We took rest for some moments and begin very easy trail to little down.

We got to the Holy Gosainkunda Lake at around 11:00 AM, and dropped our bags in front of a hotel and be fresh. We had tea and then went to take holy bath in the lake. We worship in the small temple of God Shiva near the lake. Then we took bath in the cool water and traveled around the lake.

After that we had our usual lunch, in the round table outside the hotel. The next trail was to down, down and down… Steeply down towards Dhunche (Capital of Rasuwa). We had reached the summit and seen the amazing down views, mountains were not visible clearly. We started our down trip at around 2:30 PM. Dhunche was nearly 5 hrs far.

Me, Rabin and Bikash were leading and Shashi and Rejesh were far behind us, we have planed not to wait for them in the way. Altitude was decreasing …and decreasing. After 1.5 hrs we reached Sing Gompa (3350 m) (Locally called ChandanBari) and stopped for some rest. We pulled out the pack of Chocolates.
We enjoyed trek relaxing inside the sunny, warm and beautiful forest (Lang Tang National Park). We crossed different small villages like Sing Gompa (3350 m), Dhimsa (3007 m) etc. Those villages were surrounded with the thick forest. We were afraid of the wild animals in the national park. We saw a beautiful deer on the way but unable to capture it with our camera.

The Down trail was over at around 6:45 PM and Dhunche was only half an hour far. We crossed a small river (Trishuli) and went through the straight and easy way. After sometime we reached the mineral water factory. After that, the path was towards the Small and Beautiful district Capital – Dhunche. We reached there at 7:00 PM but our two friends were still back. We searched and booked a beautiful lodge there and pulled off our Bags and Jacket, took rest for some time and be fresh.

Two friends were still not in the contact, they may still back so Me and Rabin went to look for them. At 7:45 PM they reached Dhunche, we guided them to the lodge. We all were very happy for the successful completion of the trek. Next day we will be going to Kathmandu by Bus. At around 9:00 PM we had our usual dinner watching TV.

After lunch we went to the room had some chit-chat. By 10:30 the room lights were turned off.