Day 3 – Mon June 11, 2007: Magin Goth [3285m] – Phedi [3430m]

The 6:30 tea wake-up call had started to feel normal. We washed our faces, had tea and be ready for the new adventure. We were on the trail before 7:00 AM again. Mist filled the morning air; it was not possible to see the top of the hills. Our trail was still inside the forest. The mist kept us cool while we hiked along the comparatively good trail.

The sun peeked out later in the morning, heating things up. At around 10:00 AM we reached Thare Pati (3500m). We took some rest there and had some biscuits & Tea and again be ready for the new experience. We wandered through a variety of rhododendron trees and flowers. The environment was so cool for walk. At around 1:00 PM we reached our lunch spot, place called Ghopte (3500m). We hung the jackets to make it dry because it was wet with sweats. The sun was not seen clearly but the environment was too hot. We ordered the tea first, then lunch. We were fresh with the sip of tea. Shashi played Tungna …Bhera ko oon jasto (The song from the same place) … for the little while. Rabin and I slept for sometime in the bench outside of the lodge. After 1 hrs we had Daal, Rice & Potato (as always…) curry and tomato pickle. Immediately after lunch we packed up and began the trip again.

The trail led us Up and Down after lunch. We were kind of tired and were glad that the trail was pretty good; somewhere the trail was covered with very hard and sleepy snow. At one point it turned fairly woodsy and steep.

Beautiful view of small waterfalls helped us to come out the tiredness. At around 7 PM we reached Phedi (3500m), our that day’s destination. That place was associated with a bad event occurred in 1992 July 31st. Thai Airways Airbus A 310 Airplane was crashed on that day and 133 peoples were killed.

The darkness was covering the earth slowly. The beautiful sound of waterfall was making the environment more wonderful.

We became fresh and had the hot tea and wait for the dinner until it is ready.

Dinner was the usual Daal, Rice & Potatoes. After the dinner, we spent some time chatting and playing Tungna. Altitude was not affecting any one of us but it was too cold outside, we were in the room with wooden heater.

Soon after, we went to the bed. Bikash and I were in a room. Neither of us slept well before 11:00 pm, that is because of either with excitement or the cool environment, we were not certain.