Day 2 – Sun June 10, 2007: Chasapani [2194m] – Magin Goth [3285m]

We were woken up by 6 AM. We sipped our tea and washed our faces. The breakfast was already ready. We had delicious biscuits and more tea, and left the hotel at around 7:15 AM. It was raining heavily so the trail to follow became sleepy and the environment was too cold. We went down, down, down, first in the wide as if it was road for vehicles just for the few steps, later on a narrow winding trail. At the same time we were steadily losing altitude.

After 1 hr. we crossed a few easy streams then the down trail was over. The trail is now to the upper hill and was little difficult. At around 11 AM we reached Chipling but the trail was still long to cross.

We had junk foods on the way but we were still too hungry. A few places we had scrambled a bit, and find our own way across to stay and have lunch. At around 1 PM we reached the hotel and requested to prepare lunch. We all wash off some of the sweat and spent our time with a so called cat ;).

After sometime we had carbohydrate-filled delicious lunch. The meal consisted of Rice, Daal and potatoes. Soon, it was the time to pack up; finally we left the hotel, and went through another sloppy road. We crossed the small village and begin the much difficult journey in hilly road. We reached another small village (I forget the Name) at 4 PM but it wasn’t that day’s destination, so we need to walk some more hours. After sometime, our way entered to the Lang Tang National Park. It was raining very heavily and trail was becoming so sleepy. We were hungry but there were not any places to have food. So we had some Chocolates and Cashew which we brought from Katmandu.

It was already 6:30 PM and darkness was falling down to the earth but we were unknown of our today’s destination. We were too tired & inside the big Forest. Nothing was visible with that thick forest and we were afraid of the wild animals. We do not even have the water to drink. After a while we reached an open space and look to the up, we saw a Buddhist flag waving at the top of the hill and make the guess that, it may be a hotel. With a positive hope, we started to walk little faster.

It was totally dark but we continued with the small torch. At 7:30 PM we reached the place with the previously seen flag. Thanks God!!! That was a small hotel and we safely reached there. Our tiredness was clearly visible in the faces.

We wash off out tiredness and had a tea in a big glass. At around 8:30 PM the Kitchen was ready with a good dinner including Daal, Rice and potatoes (like the previous).

Immediately after dinner everyone were in bed.