Benefits of CSS Tableless Designs

CSS is the short form of Cascading Style Sheets. In the year 1996, the World Wide Web Consortium introduced it with the purpose of separating presentation (layout, fonts, page structure, colors etc) from the web page content (images, multimedia, written copy). Apart from this, another important goal of CSS is to increase web accessibility. In the true sense, CSS is an important tool for modern web designing.

Since CSS is being contained in a separate file from an HTML web page, it is often called the external style sheets. When an HTML page loads like .php, .aspx, .cgi, the page is called the external CSS file. The CSS file usually tells the HTML page about how to style the the content of a website. In earlier times, HTML along with tables were used to construct web pages. However, with the technological advancement, the process has become more advanced and dynamic. In this era, a new concept is followed for designing web pages. This approach is known as CSS tableless design.

This tableless design is not possible without CSS. However, in the place of tables, a tableless designer can use “DIV”s (the short form of “division”). A DIV is basically a container, where web content is stored.

Reasons Behind the Superiority of CSS Tableless Design

Still now, there is a confusion regarding the superiority of CSS tableless design over the traditional table-based website design. However, some of the reasons for which CSS tableless design is more preferred for modern website designing are mentioned below:

* CSS tableless design enables the designers to create more complex designs when developing a site. It also allows the website designers to express their creativity. However, the table based layouts make the site more rigid and inflexible and does not allow the designers to show their innovative style.
* CSS tableless design helps in improving search engine rankings of your website by designing smaller web page file and by eliminating “junk”. As a result, the search engine spiders could easily crawl through the site and gets favorable ranking in the search engines.
* In the CSS tabless layout, all pages are allowed to use the same CSS document. So, in this case, the change in the entire website can be easily done. In the true sense, the CSS style sheets maintain the visual consistency all through the site.
* A CSS tableless site updating is less time consuming and easier. In this form, look of an entire site can be altered by changing the properties in the CSS file. In this case, the HTML code of the page is not needed to be touched.
* Redesigning a site by using CSS tableless design is less costly and faster than redesigning a site by using table based design. This is because in a CSS tableless designs, the same file is being used for the content and the layout design. So, the web designers can quickly make changes in the whole site.
* Since in CSS tableless design, DIVs are used, page structure can be easily changed. Usually, DIVs are easily re-sizable than a transparent image, which is being used in a table-based site design.
* CSS tableless web design reduces the file size of a web page and thus makes the page loading faster.
* CSS tableless website design makes the website more accessible to the readers by proper navigation of web site.
* Another advantage of this design format is that CSS allows the designers to attach multiple style sheets for various media types.

There is no doubt in the fact that the CSS tableless design is an excellent way for the development of modern websites. It is observed that by using CSS tableless design, the website could be made more usable and accessible. Added to these, faster page downloading and more elegant design are also possible. For the website developer as well as the site owner, CSS tableless websites are less expensive and easier to redesign.