#Bajrayogini #Sankhu – Refreshing the memory ALONE – #Travel #Photos

Known Way… Known Place… Everything same but only difference is, this time I was ALONE…

Sunday & Ghodejatra on same day but two holidays were not having any meaning to our College because board exam was starting from the same day, Actually I have to be there but because of late night sleep, I wasn’t feeling easy next day. With some weak feelings and little headache I got up at around 9:00. I didn’t have any interest to go to the college so I decided to do something better than that. Then I decided to go around 20 Kms. North-East of #Katmandu; that place was the holy place ‘Sankhu’ & the Bajrayogini Temple. That was the best place for hangout with friends while I was doing my bachelors so it was well known to me. But only difference in this trip was I was walking alone to the place. It was the best place to be out from the vast, dusty and noisy Katmandu at least for few hours.

The Bajrayogini temple is actually a sort of temple complex, with the main temple having being built by King Pratap Malla in 1655. This temple is a tantric temple dedicated to Bajrayogini. Bajrayogini is the Hindu goddess of wisdom of which Ugra Tara is the Buddhist equivalent. Thus the temple is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists and must be treated with the utmost respect. ‘It is considered to be a very sacred temple because it is believed to have one of the strongest abilities to bless its worshipers. The area where it is located is often referred to as Gunbaha which can be roughly translated from Newari as ‘recreational forest place’. The area is very pretty and this adds to the allure of the temple. The main temple is a three-story high building which was obviously carefully constructed with the utmost attention to detail. You will likely find a statue of the goddess Bajrayogini in this temple which will feature a red face with three eyes as well as hands which have the thumb and middle finger carefully decorated. Her statue is surrounded by ornaments and it helps to hear her story to better understand the significance of the statue.’

The lonely trip was started at around 10:00 after having lunch. I reached the Sankhu Bus park at around 11:15 by the public bus. It was too hard time in the public bus due to many peoples. The seats were smelling badly; I think that wasn’t washed from long time.

The Bajrayogini temple was in ~30 mins. walking distance from the Sankhu bus park & the Classic City  but the private vehicle can be taken very near to the temple. That was pretty easy, up a gentle mountainside. I reached there petty soon. There used to be monkeys all around the ways but this time I was just shocked that they weren’t seen at any places. I didn’t guessed any reason and also don’t bothered much in that. After I reached I visited all the temples luckily temple door was open. I took some photos outside. Taking Photographs inside the temple was not permitted. Then after I came down, definitely it was much faster than going up.

After I reached the Classic City I went towards the ‘Swasthani Temple & Sali Nadi’, it was in 10 mins. distance through the motor way. As the river was small, the water was collected and small pond was made for the holy bath but this time children’s were swimming there. I spent sometime and came back to the bus station to be back to the home. I came back through the dusty way to the noisy city. It was around 13:30.

And the important thing is I BUNKED … :p