Again Fun! Again Sauraha! – Day 01

Bad news! Not only tarai, some other districts (Dhading, Makawanpur…) were also on strike! because of those reasons it was nearly impossible to go through the highway taking the risk… so we changed the route… new way to reach our destination is from Dakshinkali – Sisneri – Kulekhani – Hetaunda then Chitwan, its was very short route but way was little difficult. This route was fixed just after the bus started from the college.

We started our rocking tour watching thrilling views of the hills, rivers with sloppy road. It was continued through Dakshinkali, Sisnery (Makawanpur), where we had wonderful lunch. We started some time after after lunch. Makawanpur was also on strike, but we continued hoping nothing bad would happen. BUT after some time, some guys stopped us they were the people who have organized that general strike. They don’t let us to continue the tour. They told us to stop in nearby Hotel, that may be their business policy.

We reached hotel near Kulekhani Dam and stopped their for nearly 3 hours. It was a nice experience though.

After 4 PM they let us go. We started again through narrow trail with so much bending. Driving on that road is really an adventure, we were happy to be with an experienced driver dai, Really greatful to him… Trail continues through Chasapani Ghadi (a historical place). After nearly 45 mins we reached ‘Bhaisen’ then after road was good and wide.

In a while we reached Hetaunda, we were so hungry so had some food at Hetaunda. Panipuri and Sekuwa was awesome. Traveling in Rickshaw was also nice experience but that was not the first for me. Spending nearly 30 minutes we continued the way to Sauraha, Chitwan through East-West Highway. Darkness was already on the earth so our speed was also over 90Km/Hr. We booked a hotel at Sauraha and reached there at arround 20:00. We all went to the room and be fresh. We had lunch at arround 22:00. I was feeling so sleepy so I went to bed after dinner. Some frens started playing cards and they continued it till morning.

I got up at 5:00 next day then went to their room… OMG! they were still playing.