69 things to do in 2069 #Wave – ISSUE #196

These 69 crazy things to do in the year 2069BS are collected FROM the collection of Wave Magazine’s ISSUE # 196 (April 2012). After that I have added 20 more things to do.

1. Shout at the drivers when they don’t stop while you are crossing the road on a zebra crossing.
2. Watch a Nepali movie in a local theatre (QFX and Big Cinemas don’t count.)
3. Drive/Ride to Malekhu just to eat the fish out there. It’s worth it.
4. Go Bungee.
5. Go Rock Climbing.
6. Go Canyoning.
7. Go Rafting.
8. Go on a Trek.
9. Don’t feel shy to pack the leftovers at a restaurant. After all, it’s you who paid for it.
10. Go Paragliding.
11. Do the ’69’with your partner. Be a little naughty. 😉
12. Have a picnic at Garden of Dreams.
13. Read a book while sipping on coffee at a café.
14. Climb all the way to the top of Dharahara and take in the view.
15. Drink local Beer. (Just taste if you dont drink.)
17. Visit any of the villages.
18. Skip trendy cafes popping in every galli and head down to your local chiya pasal.
19. Write your own story as no one is as unique as you are.
20. Buy a bold accessory to make a statement.
21. Buy and support local products.
22. Opt for organic coffee in cafes instead of snazzy Italian brands.
23. Volunteer.
24. Visit flea markets.
25. Adopt pets from local shelters.
26. Pretend to be a tourist for a day. Get your caps on, carry a camera and talk gibberish to make yourself sound like you are from Siberia.
27. Go on a ghost tour.
28. Be genuinely happy for a friend when he/she has accomplished something.
29. Leave a positive note in a library book. You’ll never know who will gain from it. Maybe it will be you, 2 years down the road.
30. Learn to play a song on the guitar.
31. Perform in public.
32. Upload a video of you performing the only song you can play on the guitar on YouTube.
33. Give up a seat. You are young and fit. You can stand from Jawalakhel to Ratna Park.
34. Crash a wedding. Before you are chased out, eat and drink to your heart’s content.
35. Give more than a rupee to the beggars. No way, are you going to be poor with 10 rupees less in your pocket.
36. Ladies, get a massage from a ‘Hajjam’.
37. Set a ‘daura suruwal/gunyo cholo, (or your ethnic dress)’ Day.
38. And men, go get a manicure and a pedicure. There’s no shame in looking nice and clean.
39. Start something that scares you like a jigsaw puzzle or riding a bicycle on the congested roads. Make sure you complete it.
40. Get an autograph from a local celebrity. Make them feel famous.
41. Take a sexy picture of yourself and keep it safe, somewhere where your scorned ex won’t get hold of it.
42. Write in to dailies and magazines if you have an opinion.
43. Go all the way to Mustang to have authentic Thakali Khaana.
44. Turn your mobile off for a week. Okay. 3 days maximum.
45. While you are at it, deactivate your Facebook.
46. Sit down your parents during load shedding and trace your family tree. You might be surprised at what you will find.
47. Be involved in a protest rally for something you really care about.
48. Or organise a rally. Let your voices be heard.
49. Tell your parents you love them.
50. Watch a play.
51. Give blood.
52. You might not afford a new bike/scooty but test driving one wouldn’t hurt.
53. Taste those foods you have never dared put in your mouth i.e Sungur ko Khutta ko achar, Phokso, Goat’s brain. At least it would make a good bar conversation.
54. Support a national sports team on home ground. Go all-out patriotic with face painted red, wearing the Nepal jersey and carrying Nepal’s flag.
55. Learn sign language.
56. Say ‘I Love you’ and mean it.
57. If you are single, get your friends to set you up on a blind date.
58. Make a dish from scratch, beginners could start with an omelette, others could try a full four course meal.
59. Stop obsessing over those kgs you have to lose. Sadly obsessing about it doesn’t help… regular exercise regimen do!
60. Sing Karaoke.
61. Play matchmaker to your single friends.
62. Select one important author who you missed in school, and read his/her books.
63. Find an item of clothing you would never wear out in public, and then wear it in public.
64. Plant a tree.
65. Stay awake all night just to see the sun rise.
66. Experiment with new hairstyles. It is just hair… and if it is really bad, well you could always shave it all off – that’s the ultimate ‘cool’ statement!
67. Ask a couple of friends to join you on a cross country trip… Nepal is fascinating.
68. Help someone without asking for anything in return… whether the other person acknowledges it or is grateful or not, doesn’t matter… you will feel better about yourself.
69. Live your dreams instead of dreaming your life away.

My Collection

1. Go Mountain Flight.

2. Donate your stuff to others.

3. Learn to paint.

4. Make a short movie.

5. Pick up litter.

6. Get up an hour earlier.

7. Make a day a record breaking shopping day.

8. Decide to tell the truth in every single interaction.

9. Pray or meditate every morning.

10. Write a blog post each day, any topic you want but daily… Start new blog if you don’t have.

11. Make new friends. Reconnect with your old friends if you are out of contact with them.

12. Give away Rs. 100 every month to random people.

13. Take a photograph every day – maybe even of the same thing.

14. Smile at people on the bus.

15. Visit the nearest beach flying on a Jet.

Now its your turn to add more… Cheers !!!